Le 23.04.24
đź’ˇ ChangemakersTimes – Extending furniture’s lifecycle with Chaise_au_CarrĂ©!

Discover ClĂ©mence Miray and Manon Dessirier-Bourges’ inspiring story and the masterminds behind Chaise_au_CarrĂ©. This French company, specialized in upcycling vintage chairs, transforms interiors with style and sustainability.


Amidst the chaos induced by Covid-19, the idea of creating a vintage upcycling business sprouted in the minds of long-time friends Clémence, a design enthusiast, and Manon, an expert in interior design. Their goal? To give forgotten chairs a second life while highlighting the beauty of vintage.


Committed to sustainable design, they both emphasize that each restored chair, rather than being bought new, is a step closer to a more sustainable world. Chaise_au_Carré is also a shining example demonstrating that vintage furniture can be synonymous with style and environmental consciousness.


Discover how this company reinvents furniture’s lifecycle with passion and creativity! 🌱✨