Le 23.10.23
[BONI.D 💡♻️] Transforming Marine Waste into Responsible and Sustainable Material

Ostréa was born from several encounters. It began with the meeting of four entrepreneurs who were passionate about the sea and its resources, but most importantly, their encounter with oyster farmers in Riec-sur-Bélon, Brittany. Together, they observed that oyster, mussel, and scallop shells were not being recycled and were ending up in technical landfill sites. Considering that oyster farming generates 250,000 tons of shells annually, Camille Callennec, Tanguy Blevin, Maxime Roux, and Théo Joy took on the challenge of transforming this waste into recycled, low-carbon, and made in France material by offering a marine terrazzo with the appearance of marble or natural stone.


Congratulations on this wonderful idea!


Photo Credit: KIPLI


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