Le 20.06.23
[💡BONI.D] Fighting Against Disposable Culture, EverEver Launches the First Sustainable Dishwasher

Only 10% to 20% of broken appliances are repaired. Beyond being a significant cost for consumers, this practice proves to be an environmental disaster. Instead of throwing away 100g of broken parts, a user discards 45kg into the landfill.


To address this issue, Martin Hacpille launched EverEver, revolutionizing the French industrial approach to household appliances. His mission? To offer sustainable and made-in-France appliances by extending the lifespan of products. To achieve this, EverEver carefully selects materials to reduce impact by 45% and minimize the use of mineral and fossil resources by 70% compared to a standard dishwasher on the market. EverEver also prioritizes easily repairable products throughout their lifespan, achieved through simplified design and availability of spare parts for 20 years.


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