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Le 28.11.19
Les Grandes Idées are very proud to have produced the tender documents for this great project, supported by Nexity, Eiffage, CDC Habitat, EDF and Groupama. Aligned with the commitments of the Paris Agreement, this project will be on time for the Olympic and Paralympic Games of 2024 and will deliver environmental solutions for current and future generations.

Congratulations also to CoBe Architecture, landscape architectural coordinator, KOZ ARCHITECTES, technical coordinator, ateliergeorges, landscape coordinator, DREAM, Barrault Pressacco, SOA Architects, Lambert Lénack, architects, Algoe, SETEC, SOCOTEC, ARP-ASTRANCE, AIDA, RRA Mobility, Topager, Nadine Schütz, Cera, Element Terre, Géolia, GV ENGINEERING, Fiona Desormeau and ArchiMade.

We are very proud to contribute to this ambitious proposal on the environmental, architectural, economic and social levels. It is a true relay of the influence of French excellence and know-how with a strong transformational impact.
Le 25.11.19
Changemakers Times #5

Discover the infinite resources of biomimetism and bioinspiration with Guillian Graves

“The real underlying question is the world we want to build from observing this equally powerful and surprising nature”

Two and a half years ago, Guillian Graves founded the Big Bang Project agency to provide solutions and anticipate the impact of tomorrow’s products and services by adopting an approach bounding intimately sciences, research, innovation and design. He explains his approach and shares his beliefs about biomimetism and bioinspiration in this new Changemakers Times interview.

Le 13.11.19
[BONI.D] COLORI, learning to code without a screen

Because technology is an integral part of our way of life as of the 21st century general knowledge ; because learning to code helps to develop and reinforce many other skills ; and for many other more than relevant reasons, Amelia Matar, now associated with Perrine Legal, founded COLORI a little over two years ago. Inspired by Montessori pedagogy, the Colori method allows young people to learn and master the computer language without a screen. The code can indeed be learned without using digital media to limit the exposure of the youngest. Colori offers training and workshops from 3 years. An educational initiative that we applaud!

Read more about Colori : http://bit.ly/2pZC2My