Le 27.02.23
[💡BONI.D] Le Lab de l’Endo, find wellness tips to relieve endometriosis and more!

After 15 years of medical wandering, Floriane Rebourg’s diagnosis finally falls: she suffers from endometriosis. It was the moment she decided to start research to try to improve her well-being on a daily basis. Tips that she now shares via the Lab de l’Endo, a platform developed with her partner Sylvain Campana to relieve all the symptoms and chronic pain that may be linked to endometriosis, cycles or other poorly understood pathologies.


Thus, Le Lab de l’Endo offers a complete ecosystem to help everyone improve their daily lives thanks to natural products, tips and tricks, but also a community that frees speech. And it feels good!



Well done Endo Lab !