Le 28.10.22
900.care, a unicorn made in Eure-et-Loir

After only 3 years of activity, the brand 900.care, member of Mouvement Impact France, could become a unicorn. Its mindset? To ban plastic from bathrooms with recycled container. The  company’s motto  is « life in plastic, not fantastic” with the objective of a significant plastic reduction to 3kilos per year and household.

In june 2021, a fundraising campaign permitted 900.care to harvest 10 billion euros. “If the Unicorn status it stuff of dream for numerous startuppers, thinking only about the financial success goes backwards to companies necessary shift to integrate climate and social emergencies at the heart of thir stratedy”, according to Mouvement Impact France, who has just listed the company amongst 10 temperate unicorn for tomorrow.

To discover 900.care go on their website