Le 16.05.23
Art at the Marty Hotel!

In a bustling neighborhood of Bordeaux, this new hotel concept celebrates all forms of artistic expression.


Located near Bordeaux’s city center, Meriadeck district is an administrative and business hub, known for its modernist aesthetics inherited from the 1960s and 1970s. The distinctive architecture of collective housing from that era has both critics and admirers today. Undergoing transformation, it now welcomes new hotspots that intrigue, like the Marty Hotel, acquired by the EXTENDAM/VICARTEM duo and managed by Younight Hospitality.


As a creative urban living space, akin to an incubator, Marty aspires to provide travelers with unique immersive experiences in the local culture, by showcasing artists from various backgrounds: DJs, musical performers, graffiti artists, sculptors, and more.


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