Le 10.03.23
Better living through flexibility, mutability, scalability

In Malakoff, Air architectures has built around thirty housing units, with through apartments on the ground floor with independent access to the garden. The building offers its inhabitants the opportunity to complete the residential course of a lifetime without changing address, by offering half of the accommodation.


Olivier Leclercq, co-founder of Air architectures, is very interested in the subject of collective housing. The Malakoff project is one of them. He observes: “We checked in those around us what the INSEE statistics indicate. In Île-de-France, one out of two marriages end in divorce, cohabitations precede blended families, new parenthoods, roommates, intergenerational housing, etc. This diversity of situations renders the model of an apartment for a couple and two children obsolete and calls for a more flexible habitat”. Scalable from a studio to a 5-room duplex, the apartments of AIR architectures provide a solution for a welcoming and flexible city.


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