Le 06.05.20
[BONI.D] How to consume: what if we regain control?

Have you ever imagined being able to choose the products on offer in your local shop or supermarket? Knowing everything about prices and where the money goes? Taking part in its operation and even being its co-owner? All this is possible with the participative and collaborative supermarkets that are spreading out in France.

While the concept is not new, it is making a strong comeback and taking on even more meaning in tomorrow’s world, which we hope will be more local.


Let’s discover La Louve. Following the model of the Park Slope Food Coop developed in Brooklyn since 1973, La Louve in Paris is the precursor of this type of business in France. Since 2017, more than forty initiatives of this kind have been growing in France. Their main principles: a non-profit cooperative status, capital belonging to the users of the business only (the purchase of shares is essential to access it) and participation (the owners each give 3 hours of their month to the structure).


Do you like the idea ? Go and find the cooperative and participative supermarket closest to you.