Le 22.09.20
[BONI.D] M. Moustache: a new life for our shoes
A French consumer wears an average of 6 pairs of shoes per year and 95% of them will end up in the trash without being recycled. A French brand, M. Moustache is well decided to change the shoe industry. To achieve, the enterprise focuses on two main objectives: transform the manufacturing process by using recycled shoe materials and educate consumers by inviting them to drop off their old pairs in a wide range of shops. A year ago, M. Moustache created his own sole  from used shoes and called it [re]colt. With its 5 shops and more than 250 retailers, the sustainable brand founded in 2012 by Guillaume Alcan, Thibault Repelin and Antoine Vigneron, has already come a long way, and we wish they will not stop. Congratulations M.Moustache!