Le 06.04.22
[BONI.D] Rêv’Elles awakens potential!

Consultant in educational innovation at the time, Athina Marmorat works with young members of associations or within schools. She then noticed missing links in the orientation of young girls living in priority neighborhoods. In order to formalize this, she carried out a study highlighting the lack of self-esteem, a certain self-censorship of young girls and the difficulties in identifying their strengths and expressing their dreams.


In 2013, she creates Rêv’Elles in order to inspire, motivate, support these young women in their personal or professional development, and enable them to become actors in the society in which they evolve.


The association offers young women, in school or who have dropped out, innovative and participatory orientation assistance programs. The goal: to allow them to develop their self-confidence, to get to know each other better, to take the measure of their potential and to familiarize themselves with the company and its codes in order to lay the foundations for a professional project that suits them!


A great initiative that we salute!


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