Le 17.03.20
[BONI.D] With Recyclivre, reading is even better and more helpful  

You don’t know what to do with the books you don’t read anymore?

You would like to buy books online without necessarily going though Amazon and still keep a responsible approach?

Recyclivre tought of a two-in-one solution for both these great concerns. With their electric van, the eco-citizen company offers both individuals and professionals in France and Spain (Madrid) a free book collection service. A new destiny then opens up to them via the online sales platform of Recyclivre.

More than a second-hand bookseller 2.0, Recyclivre is an exemplary company with a triple societal requirement:

Ecological: by fighting against waste and by reducing as much as possible and offsetting all their CO2 emissions.

Solidary: by donating 10% of their net income directly to associations and programs to combat illiteracy and promote access to culture and preservation of resources worldwide.

Inclusive: by entrusting the management of stocks and shipping of books to people in situations of great exclusion.

At Les Grandes Idées, we salute the initiative!