Le 29.09.22
[BONI.D] Yourse, pieces of furniture for a few months or for a life

Created by the two lovers of architecture and design: Françoise Novel and Franck Mallez, Yourse is a sustainable solution for renting or purchasing designer furnitures. Yourse offers a new furnishing experience for individuals and professionals, making accessible the timeless creations of the 20th and 21st century. How do they do?  Thanks to a leasing or purchase circular service for design furniture. By this way, Yourse aims to share, over the long term, the use of sustainable and premium pieces, designed to last and realized in the rules of art!

You fall for a chair conceived by a famous designer but you can’t buy it? It is now possible to first rent it and then buy it at a reduced price or change it for another piece, at the end of your contract.

To learn more, visit Yourse website