Le 31.10.23
Essonne: Étréchy hosts the largest citizen solar farm of Paris Region

Entre Juine and Renarde local authority has just inaugurated a 5.5-hectare solar power station. This innovative project is the result of a partnership with Énergie Partagée, a citizen movement that has already supported the realization of 350 citizen energy projects in France.


This solar farm, operational since June, will produce approximately 5,000 MWh of electricity per year, equivalent to the annual electricity consumption of over 4,000 people. It covers an area of 5.5 hectares and houses 8,788 photovoltaic panels equipped with dual sensors.


Thanks to this project, 10% of the annual electricity consumption of the Community of Communes between Juine and Renarde (CCEJR) will be solar-generated. The power station will thus contribute to accelerating the energy transition of Étréchy and its region.


The economic model of this project is based on a twenty-year contract with Fraîcheur de Paris, the operator of the urban cold network of the City of Paris, jointly owned by ENGIE and RATP. CCEJR has created a company, SAS EnR Juine et Renarde, with the participation of Énergie Partagée.


Through this investment, Énergie Partagée enables citizens and local communities to participate in the governance of renewable energy projects, benefit economically from them, and oversee local initiatives.


This initiative represents a significant advancement in promoting renewable energy and sharing economic benefits with local communities.


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