Le 09.05.23
In Pipriac, Students Mobilized for Energy Savings with CUBE.S

On Tuesday, April 11th, students from Saint-Joseph College in Pipriac worked on the Cube.S project, a challenge for secondary schools. It engages the educational community and students over a 5-ear period. The Center for Studies and Expertise on Risks, Environment, Mobility, and Development (Cerema), represented by Didier Meaux and Julie Baumann, is assisting the college in partnership with the Departmental Union of Catholic Institutions Management (Udogec) and the College Organizing Committees (Ogec).


The students’ testimonies reveal the impact of this initiative as Lucas explains: “I chose the environment. I set a goal for myself to spend less time in front of the TV. I make sure to turn off lights every time I leave a room. I want to show more interest in nature and its preservation. When we see these beautiful spaces, we must protect them. We discuss it with our family at home“. The students are realizing that it is through each individual’s action that we will collectively achieve results in the quality of daily life.


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