Le 11.10.22
Inventing a low-carbon architecture revisiting its relationship with nature, a Unisson(s) opinion editorial for Le Monde  

Although environmental laws have followed one another since 1975, it was only on January 2022 that the building industry moved from thermal regulation to multi-criteria environmental regulation RE2020. The latter accelerates the decarbonization of the building industry, reduces greenhouse gases and improves comfort. The architect must then make a change to a low-carbon architecture whose mission is to reduce the footprint of the building throughout its life: from its design to its use, including its building phase, the use and transport of materials, sites logistics, but also the reduction of consumption necessary for its uses.


Unisson(s) movement invites project management and all design professions to work together, in a holistic approach in order to invent a low-carbon architecture revisiting the relationship with nature!


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