Le 18.10.22
Inventing a new architecture with Unisson(s)

UNISSON(S) movement is committed to uniting and promoting all city stakeholders involved in an active and radical change for low-carbon architecture and living things. While the Earth has experienced many climate changes, the one it is currently experiencing is the result of human activity. It is thus possible to act actively by changing collective and individual habits. It is then necessary to invent an architecture of the ecological shift in order to respond to these challenges.


For Dominique Boré, Honorary President of the Maison de l’Architecture Île-de-France and General Commissioner of UNISSON(S) movement, this new architecture must “be humble while being ambitious”. It is an architecture that shows boldness in the use of materials, reinvents uses and habits, that takes into account comfort of the livings. It is an architecture taking the new standards and regulations as a new basis for creation and creativity allowing to design new desirable imaginaries that our society needs in order to accelerate the shift.


A podcast by Anne-Sandrine Di Girolamo to be found on Les Ondes de l’Immo