Le 26.05.20
[BONI.D] Just One Giant Lab (JOGL), the first open lab for research and innovation
JOGL is an open research and innovation platform which aims at collaboratively solving issues of general interest. Through open science, responsible innovation and continuous learning, the platform proposes to unite the brains of the world to work on all unresolved social, environmental, humanitarian and health issues. Thanks to an elaborate AI, and a well-designed interface, collaboration between leaders and contributors is facilitated. Jogl creates a collective and distributed intelligence, associated with very concrete entities: university laboratories, companies, foundations, NGOs, public services… which also feeds itself from the creation and sharing of new tools and knowledge.
The ambition of this planetary research laboratory is to multiply by 10 the number of contributors working on urgent and global issues, to reach 50 million contributors. An initiative that is helping to change the world.
Congrats Jogl! Visit the lab here.