Le 07.09.21
Les Grandes Idées accompanies Rectoverso Architectes

Rectoverso Architectes was born by the conviction that there is a duality in all things, a duality that Julien Combot and Andrius Queiroz strive to reconcile in each of their production. For them, there is a promise in the tension, between the new and the old, the inside and the outside, the small and the large scale, the global and the detail. This complementarity will be the common thread of a more inclusive, optimistic and responsible architecture.


While the ecological transition is obvious to them, the Rectoverso Architects team integrates resilience and environmental efficiency upstream from each project, whose global reflection aims to resolve the problems induced by the program, its actual and projected uses, and its context. Thus, the firm offers a frugal, aesthetic, and lasting architecture, emphasizing materials and expertise.


Les Grandes Idées is happy to support Rectoverso Architects in its development!