Le 27.09.23
Maud Caubet Architects renovates Le Château, an iconic building in Levallois

Commissioned by Sir Richard Wallace, known as the “benefactor of Paris,” this former hospice from the 1870s was intended for the reception and care of disadvantaged British citizens.


Maud Caubet Architects agency plans a complete restructuring to bring the building up to date in terms of thermal requirements and accessibility, providing an appropriate response to contemporary needs and uses.


“The idea is to enhance these volumes, reclaim the previously unused attic space, and work on the facades to breathe new life into this heritage,” says Maud Caubet. To achieve this, original materials and colors such as light stone-toned wood and black metal will be used.


This extensive project aims to adapt the building to new urban uses while fitting into a broader approach at the scale of the block, including generous greenery!


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