Le 25.09.23
SYNAPSES Project, Winner of Empreintes Call for Projects on Ségoffin Site!

During the SIBCA (Low-Carbon Real Estate Fair) second morning at the Grand Palais Ephémère, Paris La Défense unveiled the winning project for Ségoffin site as part of Empreintes call for innovative mixed and low-carbon urban projects.


Located at the crossroad of Paris La Défense and Courbevoie, SYNAPSES positions as a token of excellence to leave a positive mark on the territory and for future generations, by involving responsible stakeholders in its realization and sustainability. It will be the first reversible mixed residential building of the 4th category in France, constructed off-site using 3D modules.


Led by Pitch Immo and GA Smart Building, designed by Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia, Wald, Merci Raymond, and Elioth, SYNAPSES creates new living spaces and connects new uses and housing modes!


The agency is thrilled to have supported this great team and to have created the graphic identity, as well as producing the project documents and film. Congratulations to all!