Le 11.05.23
The Creative Marty Hotel Bordeaux

The Marty Hotel Bordeaux, Tapestry Collection by Hilton, opens its doors in the Meriadeck business district. Acquired by the EXTENDAM/VICARTEM duo and managed by the hotel management company Younight Hospitality, the hotel is designed for and by the younger generations and aspires to be an inspiring and creative living space with 61 sleek rooms and a cozy atmosphere.


Under the guidance of Nell Caritey-Hergué, founder of L’Artillerie, an agency specialized in promoting artists and enhancing spaces, the place is an incubator in itself. Operating on intuition, this traveling gallerist offers daring programming. Through immersive experiences, travelers as well as locals and passing enthusiasts can attend engaging or cultural workshops, exhibitions featuring renowned painters, street artists, photographers or sculptors.


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