Le 12.07.22
Who is Eva Sadoun, Chairwoman of Mouvement Impact France ?

At the same time entrepreneur and activist, Eva Sadoun first founded two companies: Rift, a mobile app to calculate the environmental footprint of our savings and Lita.co, a plateform that eases decision making to invest in good companies. Both respond to CSR issues. 230 companies are already financed by Lita.co of up to 3,4 million of euros by companies.

She is also chairwoman of Mouvement Impact France with Jean Moreau. Mouvement Impact France is a network of 10 000 entrepreneurs involved in a more virtuous economy. The structure organized the Universités d’Ete de l’Economie de demain on Auguste, 30th 2022 for a more sober economy.

Find the complete portrait interview of Eva Sadoun by Pauline Gleize on RFI