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[Changemakers Time] Unveiling Women’s Entrepreneurship Potential with WILLA

While women make up for half of the workforce in France, they represent only 10% of entrepreneurs in innovation. This gap cannot be explained by any logical economic reason.


Women have the ability to build, lead, innovate, initiate, unite and transform. The WILLA incubator aims to reveal their still underestimated potential, overshadowed by an outdated economic and societal model. To achieve this, WILLA supports women in their entrepreneurial and innovative endeavors with the aim to inspire, encourage and educate them!


Graduated with a specialized master’s degree in entrepreneurship from HEC Paris, Flore Egnell decided to commit 100% to entrepreneurial parity and joined WILLA as a program manager before becoming its CEO in 2020.


Explore her belief and path in her interview with Changemakers Times!


[BONI.D💡🌱♻️] Agrotonome offers garden-composters for growing and nourishing your plants at the same time!

It was in 2020, during the health crisis, that Loïc Weinhard decided to develop his project. The long queues caused by the restrictions put in place to combat the pandemic highlighted our strong dependence on grocery stores and the vulnerability of our societal model in the event of a crisis. Struck by this realization, Loïc Weinhard launched Agrotonome, a solution to contribute, albeit to a lesser extent, to solving this problem.


Agrotonome designs and sells practical and sustainable wooden and stainless-steel garden-composters for balconies, terraces, and gardens, all 100% made in France. The goal is to enable everyone, even those with limited outdoor space, to reconnect with the nurturing earth while enjoying the pleasure of gardening, taking into account our living spaces to make our current societies more resilient, ecological, and sustainable.


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New Owners for Radisson Blu Hotel Biarritz

The Radisson Blu Hotel Biarritz has recently been acquired by EXTENDAM and Annie Famose Group.


Radisson Blu Hotel Biarritz boasts 150 rooms, two restaurants, a 1,000 sqm rooftop with a pool, a spa, and nine seminar rooms covering a total area of over 10,000 sqm. During 2024-2025 winter season, the hotel will undergo a significant renovation plan to refurbish all of its rooms and lobbies.


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[BONI.D💡🧼] UNISOAP collects and recycles soap to provide access to hygiene!

Founded in August 2017, Unisoap charity organization starts from a simple fact: 3 million people in France do not have access to hygiene products, while 51 million soaps are discarded by hotels every year.


Therefore Pauline Grumel establishes the association and joins an ecological and sustainable movement aimed at promoting sustainable tourism, involving both professionals of the sector and individuals. To achieve this, Unisoap collects soap from hotels (that would otherwise be discarded), recycles them within a supported employment workplace, and donates them to partner charitable organizations.


The goal is to shift this waste into resources for vulnerable populations, thereby providing access to hygiene for as many people as possible.


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Maud Caubet talks about the first of the arts with GoodCulture

Invited by Nathalie Croisé in GoodCulture, the podcast from the media outlet The Good that gives a voice to socially engaged artists, Maud Caubet presents her perspective on architecture as a major art. According to her, there is no doubt that the architect is a responsible player, able to change the world, accelerate shifts, and facilite interactions among users.


Listen to the podcast on The Good



Annabelle Ledoux contributes to the summer special edition of Archistorm dedicated to taad agency

Based in Bordeaux, with a wide range of areas of expertise, taad is convinced that the role of an architect goes beyond mere design and extends to the act of construction. The agency seizes, questions, and develops its projects with the determination not to let the profession divest itself of its inherent expertise.


Offering an architecture that is experienced and practiced, dealing with boundaries and the in-between, working in harmony with the landscape, and revealing each client’s culture – these are the many ambitions showcased in this special edition through interviews and projects narrated by Annabelle Ledoux, founder of Les Grandes Idées.


Discover taad summer edition on Archistorm



The Materials Meetings + fair(e) are back on October 10th and 11th, 2023!

A must-attend event for architecture and design organized by Archistorm, The Materials Meetings + fair(e) explore the meaning of materials and invite reflection on their innovation potential, properties, manufacturing processes, and sustainability.


This year, the event will unfold its discussions and roundtables on the theme A meaningful material. Material choices, life cycles, potentials, and impacts will all be topics discussed throughout the discussion series led by Annabelle Ledoux, founder of Les Grandes Idées.


Mark your calendars for Tuesday, October 10th, and Wednesday, October 11th, 2023, for an immersion into the fascinating world of materials where creativity, technology, sustainability, emotion, and aesthetics converge!


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All lights are green for the European hotel industry in June!

With a RevPAR, occupancy rate, and average price on the rise in June, the French hotel industry managed to surpass last year’s excellent performance during the same period. Traditionally one of the best months of the year, June 2023 was no exception according to the monthly barometer conducted by EXTENDAM and its partners.


Thus, France concludes the month with an occupancy rate of 79% (+2 points compared to 2022), on par with the European average. This dynamism is particularly driven by the 88% recorded in Île-de-France (+4 points).


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[BONI.D 💡📱] ExtraStudent : the mutual aid social network for #students!

While still a senior high school student, Jules Simiand Brocherie created a scholastic support website called Elèves Solidaires (Solidary Students) for high school and college students during the lockdown. The goal was to share lessons, study guides, and help each other during a time when disengagement was prevalent.


Since 2020, the website has evolved and transformed into ExtraStudent, a genuine student social network that continues to facilitate sharing of academic materials, while also offering school presentations, virtual career fairs, discussions on various topics, all aimed at helping students find answers to their questions!


A wonderful idea that fosters connections, applauded by Les Grandes Idées!


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EXTENDAM, Banque des Territoires, and Redman Hospitality join forces for the acquisition of a 4-star hotel in Montpellier

In Montpellier, the trio of EXTENDAM, Banque des Territoires, and Redman Hospitality has signed the off-plan acquisition of a 4-star hotel.


Located near the Montpellier Sud de France train station, within the Cambacérès district, this hotel comprises 120 rooms and is expected to open under the Tribe brand in the first half of 2025. As a partner of Redman Hospitality since June 2022, EXTENDAM is confident in the development of the city’s first lifestyle hotel in collaboration with a recognized partner known for its responsible approach to the hospitality industry. The future hotel’s ambition is to become an exemplary player in more sustainable hospitality by minimizing its environmental impact while enhancing its societal contribution.


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