Le 29.12.19
Changemakers Times #6

Turn waste into resources.

“In five years, we have gone from 0 to 150 employees, with a revenue of 13 million euros at the end of 2019 and a fundraising of 15 million euros twelve months ago. Phenix shows that another way of doing business is possible.”

In 2015, Jean Moreau and Baptiste Corval founded Phenix, a start-up which is revolutionizing the concept of waste by proposing a redistribution system that guarantees a circular economy limiting our impact while creating many jobs. When it was created, Phenix first focused on finding a solution to fight against food waste in distribution. Since then, the company has widened its scope of intervention and offers solutions for other types of goods? Jean Moreau takes us to the heart of the operation of this beautiful company in this news Changemakers Times interview.