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Le 08.11.19
“Design and materiality on facades”: Maud Caubet’s contribution to BATIMAT

During BATIMAT, held from 4 to 8 November 2019 at the Parc des Expositions of Villepinte, Maud Caubet has been invited by Stéphane Miget and Les Editions des Halles to talk about “Design and materiality on facades” on the set of Bati-Journal.tv. The interview highlights Maud Caubet Architects’ projects as well as another way to speak about design and construction materials or their arrangements for each support. Offices, residences and each space need  indeed to be worked for their own identity.


An intervention to find here : https://bati-journal.tv/batimat-2019-design-et-materialite-en-facade/

Le 04.11.19
[BONI.D] Les Frigos Solidaires, how to reduce food waste by donation

[BONI.D]  For a few years, Les Frigos Solidaires have spread in many French cities to provide supplies to the most deprived. The simplicity of the concept to share without wasting, ongoing on years, makes this initiative a true citizenship demonstration, based upon everyone’s humanity to operate. Les Grandes Idées wants to highlight this idea because if more than 22 “fair fridges” have been settled in France, many pools are currently open to found new ones everywhere! http:/bit.ly/32Gdg22

Le 24.10.19
Maud Caubet awarded by Les Amis du Salon d’Automne !
On October 16th, Maud Caubet recieved  the 2019 Architectural Prize from Les Amis du Salon d’Automne de Paris after 3 days of exhibiting. This prize rewards the design and delivery of la Maison des Landes. Set at the heart of a pine forest, its deeply dark wood structure lends a chameleon charm to the house, immersed into nature. Congratulations to Maud, to her team and to the Salon d’Automne for this amazing 2019 edition!