Le 20.12.22
Sobriety I write your name : The Good interviews Grégory Doucet and Flora Vidal

Taking part to the Universités d’Ete de l’Economie de Demain in Lyon on November 29, Gregory Doucet, Mayor of Lyon, and Flora Vidal, co-founder of Weavers, answered the question: “How to answer a social justice issue while remaining sober for an economic player?”

For the Mayor of Lyon: “Sobriety provides a remarkable opportunity, since it legitimizes short circuits, circular economy and re-employment. It is not just a question of carrying out a shift effort in a fair way but also a question of generalizing innovative approaches by local companies, of great ecological and social interest”.

For Flora Vidal: “Wealth and resources’ distribution are the central topic of a sober economy.… We do not all consume in the same way and we do not contribute in the same proportions to the environment collapse. A fair sobriety would tackle overconsumption and unnecessary uses that do not benefit everyone equally”.

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