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Le 26.08.19
Changemakers Times #3

Understanding the future of consulting business with Arnaud Marcilly and Jean-Baptiste Chetti.

“We stand for a digital growth. The digital world changes the way we anticipate the future and how we consider the present.”

Arnaud and Jean-Baptiste present the Business Shift Consulting and the role of digital innovation in the transformation of this field, decisive for companies.

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Le 17.07.19
Hospitality and Social & Environmental Responsibility: The Key Role of Investors

Find in Forbes the op-ed of Jean-Marc Palhon, President of Extendam, on the role to play by investors in the social and environmental responsibility of the hotel industry.

“[…] The hotel industry is more and more invested in social and environmental concrete approaches.  Sustainable development is indeed more and more important in the strategies of hospitality companies, at different stages of development. In the face of current challenges, we all have a shared responsibility and commitment to take in the acceleration of the movement.We, investors, have a key role. ”

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Le 12.07.19
Changemakers Times #2

With Aude Masboungi, for a city that gives way to improvisation !
“Just like our lifestyles that are moving and constantly transforming themselves, we need to think of reversible, evolving spaces.”
She presents her singular vision of urban programming and adresses specifically the opportunities that vacant spaces create in in cities and metropolis.


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