Changemakers Times

A way to discover changemakers whose approaches and practices inspire (all of) us.


Executive Director Francîlbois

“There is an evolution, a transition is taking place in the field of wood construction. It is really becoming a topic of interest. The players are ready to get involved and it is the right time!”


Cofounder and Chairman Phenix

“Our objective is to set up a circular economy with adapted and local solutions for each store.”

Guillian Graves

Founder Big Bang Project

“The real underlying question is the world we want to build from observing this equally powerful and surprising nature”

Karine Pathinvo & Anne Gestin

Cofounders Troctachambre

“Bartering rooms allows all parents and students to see the future more serenely by avoiding debt and choices that correspond to their real desires”

Arnaud Marcilly & Jean-Baptiste Chetti

Cofounders Thinkmarket

” We help our clients to become or to remain flexible in an always-shifting world.”


Cofounder La Belle Friche

“Urban planning should affirm its role to implement collective decisions made by concerned key stakeholders.”