Changemakers Times

A way to discover changemakers whose approaches and practices inspire (all of) us.

Anne Lassalle

Lawyer at the Seine-Saint-Denis Bar

The judicial journey of women and children has been built and is still in the making.



“The more time I spend, the more I realize that photography, as I like to practice it, is more an art of listening than of looking.”


M.E.V.A Co-Founder

“What can employers do in terms of safety or equipment to make it easier for our teams to ride their bikes ?”

Laetitia George and Cedric Borel

Le Booster du Réemploi cofounders

“Each involved player can help to change the situation. Together, we can really get mountains moving”

Virginie Gautier

Development manager of Karibati

The aim is to help the profession players to move towards other types of materials such as bio-sourced materials, which are more in line with major ecological and social issues nowadays.


Co-fonder and CEO of Fluicity

“In an increasingly complex world from social, environmental and health points of view, our ability to work together and to find common solutions has become essential.”